Adams Hub for Innovation & Entrepreneurs Assembly Launch Entrepreneurial Educational Alliance

Carson City, NV, September 26, 2014 – Entrepreneurs Assembly (EA) and Adams Hub for innovation are pleased to announce a collaborative partnership to create, educate and encourage entrepreneurs via a comprehensive business start-up training program and mentoring initiative to launch in Carson City, NV in October 2014. 


Both organizations are united in their missions to help develop, nurture and strengthen the entrepreneurial community in the greater Carson City area.  In collaboration with EA, Adams Hub will host a series of educational workshops designed to help entrepreneurs hone their skills, business models and strategies to effectively launch new businesses.  Additionally, EA’s Jumpstart curriculum, taught at the University of Nevada and Truckee Meadow’s Community College (TMCC), will be offered as an accredited course at Western Nevada College (WNC).  Rob Griffin, Executive Director of Adams Hub, stated, “We are thrilled to bring a spirit of collaboration together to inspire local entrepreneurs to dream bigger and to grow faster and stronger.” 


Kicking off in October 2014, Adams Hub will offer the first in a series of EA created workshops which will be open to the public, WNC students and Adams Hub members. The first series, IdeaSpark, will take entrepreneurs through the development process of coming up with their big idea or business.  These three hour workshops will feature educational training and group break-out sessions, followed by joint mentoring sessions by Adams Hub and EA leadership.  Additional workshops will be held regularly and will cover topics such as developing a business model canvas, strategy development, investor presentations, and other critical start-up topics. 


The second component of the partnership aims at helping build an entrepreneurial culture and educational foundation for local entrepreneurs. Offered as an accredited course through Western Nevada College, the Entrepreneurship Jumpstart curriculum will be taught by the EA lecturers that teach the highly acclaimed UNR undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as the same course offered through TMCC.  Students of the course also will have additional resources available to them at Adams Hub to help take their learning to the next level via mentorship and counseling from experienced entrepreneurs, as well as potential membership in the Adams Hub start-up business incubator.  Sherry Black, Academic Director, Career and Technical Education at Western Nevada College, stated, “One of the biggest challenges for community colleges is designing education experiences that make sense given the students’ life realities and what they want out of a community college education.  Most community college students often work and pursue learning at the same time.  Many seek college courses in an effort to expand upon an entrepreneurial idea they want to put in motion.  Offering courses such as the “Entrepreneurship Jumpstart” enhance those efforts.”


Finally, Adams Hub will help EA expand its footprint in the local start-up ecosystem by hosting “E.A. at the Capitol”. Currently, EA offers a peer-to-peer mentoring program for entrepreneurs in Reno, and through its alliance with the Adams Hub, it will launch a satellite mentoring group in Carson City. 


EA and Adams Hub believe that knowledge is power and fuel for growing a prosperous economy built by entrepreneurs.  As the local entrepreneurial culture develops, additional initiatives and joint ventures will be created to further achieve their missions of serving Nevada’s current and future entrepreneurs.


About Adams Hub


Adams Hub is a start-up business incubator and co-working hub dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their business–faster, better, stronger. Created and funded by the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation, Adams Hub offers a state-of-the-art facility, educational tools and services, an extensive network of mentors, service providers, and seed investment capital for entrepreneurs to launch, grow and accelerate the success of their start-ups.  Nestled in the historic downtown of Nevada’s state capitol, the state-of-the-art facility is an inspired workspace for innovative thinking, strategic growth, knowledge-sharing, collaborating and learning.  Adams Hub’s mission to foster the entrepreneurial community is designed to develop the local entrepreneurial culture via educational programs and initiatives for entrepreneurs at every stage and every age.  Adams Hub provides three critical components to entrepreneurial success: access to infrastructure, access to knowledge and access to capital for select incubator members.  To learn more, visit

About Entrepreneurs Assembly


The Entrepreneurs Assembly Inc. was founded by Matt Westfield and Rod Hosilyk in August 2010 as a non-profit 501(C)(3) to help get Nevada back on its feet by promoting job growth through entrepreneurial ventures. Over these past years, the EA has educated and trained over 200 potential entrepreneurs, several who have continued on to create small businesses. In mid-2013, the founders made the decision to extend their vision and grow the EA into a more structured organization and include others in the management of that organization. During this time, John Moran was named Executive Director, and a Board of Directors was chosen. The educational processes of the founders have been expanded, and each founder is now teaching in the Entrepreneurial program at UNR as well as the Jumpstart program. They also continue to be active in the monthly EASI sessions, along with many notable entrepreneurs, mentors, and university professors from around Truckee Meadows. To learn more, visit