Food for thought about your start-up staff

Great tips and thought provoking information about who to hire for your Start-up.  Click the link to read more about why it’s important to choose the right people to work for you.

Start-Up: How to hire the right superstar to grow your start-up | Carson City Nevada News – Carson Now

Perhaps the single most important and consequential decision you will make as an entrepreneur is who you hire to you build your business. Studies have found that the first three people a start-up hires set the tone, culture, precedent and path to success more than the next ten hires.


New Business, New Jobs…

We always like to see new business in Northern Nevada and this will be great!  The tech landscape sure is changing.


Reno area gets world’s 1st electro-chemical lead battery recycling plant, 70 new jobs

 Lead battery recycler AquaMetals brings new tech, breaks ground at Tahoe Reno Industrial Center. Brings new tech to Northern Nevada with $29.6 million facility.

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Time to start using LinkedIn…

How do you use LinkedIn to market your company and optimize its presence? You say this social media site is an online resume database? It’s more than that, let’s tap into it and use it!

Let’s break the mold and come crashing into LinkedIn to market our startups, create leads, and increase visibility.

Read the article to get the most out of LinkedIn for your Startup.


Click the link to read more: How to Optimize Your Brand’s Presence on LinkedIn

What is a characteristic that we still need that technology can’t provide?

Not all jobs will be taken over by technology and not all jobs will be eliminated.  Click on the article to read more about what happened when technology was introduced.  You may not be surprised at what element is still needed within our job force.

The jobs that are most threatened by technology

“Machines will take on more repetitive and laborious tasks, but seem no closer to eliminating the need for human labor than at any time in the [past],” they concluded. “We believe that jobs will continue to be created, enhanced and destroyed much as they have in the last 150 years.”


Remember the Internet of Things?

Well, take a look at these “things” and let us know how awesome these inventions are.  Some of these inventions might be a little too much fun or make life more interesting.  This should remind us that the possibilities are endless for your start-ups.

Click on the link to see all of the awesome inventions…

The 21 coolest inventions of 2015


Bringing Us Together for Business

Governor Brian Sandoval and the Nevada Delegation just returned from their travel to Poland for a European trade mission.  Governor Sandoval joined with government officials from Poland to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the State of Nevada to enhance access to the Nevada and U.S. markets for Polish companies and for Nevada-based businesses to gain access to the Polish and European markets.  Adams Hub is now engaging with leading Polish tech companies interested in making Carson City their potential U.S. headquarters!


As a result of strategic engagement with the Republic of Poland, Governor Sandoval cemented his visit to the country by joining with government officials from Poland to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on behalf of the State of Nevada to enhance access to the Nevada and U.S. markets for Polish companies and for Nevada-based businesses to gain access to the Polish and European markets.

Just how did Starbucks make their move to Douglas County?

It started with a great team!

How Douglas County Landed Starbucks

During the 1990’s, I had the pleasure to help NNDA ( Development Authority) and its’ members, land hundreds of manufacturers in northern . I received a phone call from a close friend who worked with the Nevada Environmental Protection Agency. He said “I just came from a confidential meeting regarding a huge manufacturing prospect for northern Nevada. I can’t tell you who it is, but it smells great at breakfast”. So, I gathered a half dozen members and started brain-storming – General Mills, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Etc. We were on the wrong track. Besides, politically, I needed to leave this project alone. It was headed for Fernley.

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Carson City would look great on this infographic.

Check out the statistics of where the top cities are that are founding their startups.


The World’s Top Cities For Female Entrepreneurs [Infographic] – Forbes

Where in the world are women most likely to found a ? According to the Global Ecosystem Ranking 2015, the number of female entrepreneurs is now significantly higher than in previous years. Even so, it is much lower than the number of men starting new businesses. In 2012, approximately 12 percent of global startups had a female founder and this increased to 18 percent in the 2015.

Curated from The World’s Top Cities For Female Entrepreneurs [Infographic] – Forbes


What Are your Goals?

Many of us cringe at the thought of setting long-term goals, even personally, however, read the article in the link below and see how to set those goals and taking steps to meet those goals.

How Startup Founders Should Be Setting Long-Term Goals

When it comes to at a pre-growth startup, I have had a lot of success using a few quarterly goals and focusing the team on no more than one to two major initiatives and four to eight smaller experiments throughout the quarter. This way, you can keep a small team focused on major projects, while allowing them to work creatively on minor projects that may develop into something more. Timing is never perfect but by evaluating the team’s progress every 90 days, you should be able to assess what’s working and what’s not working.


What does buying dinner, getting fat and stunt driving all have in common?

Startup funding that is…

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: How A Big Round Can Hurt Your Startup  |  TechCrunch

Fundraising is like this — if you don’t need to order a massive meal to sate your appetite, don’t do it. Aside from the obvious temptation to waste (see next section), the reality is that you won’t be over-ordering with cash in your pocket or even debt — you’ll be buying too much food with equity, something you can only sell once!