Mark Zuckerberg Is Worth How Much?

You can be young and wealthy, all from a business that you built.  Our local young entrepreneurs may find a little inspiration after reading this short article and seeing who is on the list.

‘s fortune soars to almost $50bn – Telegraph

The Facebook founder took top place on Forbes magazine’s list of the 40 most successful young entrepreneurs in the US after another record year for the social networking website.

How Can You Be a Better Presenter?

The tips in this article are spot on when it comes to making your presenting outstanding. Try to recall a time when you listened to a presentation and every other word from the presenter was “Um, so, um” or you were trying to read a slide while the presenter was talking and realized that you missed everything the presenter was saying because you were reading the slide? GASP! What were they talking about?!

Well, after you read these tips, use them while you practice your presentations. You’ll thank us for sharing this article.

5 Credibility-Killing Presentation Mistakes

In business, many of the most high stakes moments involve presentations. Whether you’re demoing your product or pitching to investors, for entrepreneurs the equivalent of the game-deciding shot at the buzzer is probably you talking along with some slides.


EBay Growth in Nevada

This is great news!  EBay will be expanding its data operations in Nevada.  Click the link to read more about the expansion:

EBay plans $412M Nevada expansion

EBay’s expansion of its data operations presence in Nevada has been in the works for some time, but details weren’t previously available. Las Vegas data company Switch confirmed this year that eBay would be a tenant in its $1 billion facility near Reno.


Problem People

Which are you?  Click the link below to read the full article, then answer Jeff’s challenge question: “So, I challenge us to decide, what is the wise thing to do when a problem arises?”

: Who Moved My Problem? | Carson City Nevada News – Carson Now

We all share a common problem in this world. That problem is called people. Most of our and daily frustrations can be traced to a person. Is this truthful in the sense of being right or is this just our flawed human ? The world, many might argue, is how we perceive it; that is in fact our reality. So, I challenge us to decide, what is the wise thing to do when a problem arises?