CHS student featured in TEDx Carson City |

TEDx Carson City will be featuring New E’s very own Shaylin Segura! Her eclectic worldview underpins a larger talk about the way the mind affects the body, which she will discuss in detail at the April 8 TED Talk. Learn more about her, as well as her fellow TEDx presenters in this final installment of the Nevada Appeal’s coverage of the upcoming event:

CHS student featured in TEDx Carson City |

This submersion with the array of kids and teachers and lifestyles has given her a unique perspective and a versatile personality. Segura is passionate about her business class and is the vice president of the New Entrepreneur network. She’s also a national Lincoln-Douglas Speech and Debate competitor, a tennis captain, and singles player. She has played the flute and violin from very young and loves tennis, camping, reading and her bustling family.

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TEDx in Carson City: Part 2

The next wave of Tedx Carson City has been revealed! This ever-growing roster features a diverse cast, from an adventurous photographer who urges you to embrace discomfort in order to breed creativity, to a celebrated city planner who wants to make “walking distance” a ubiquitous term within a , to 16-year-old Bryce O’Connor, who’s putting in his 2-cents on the education system.

Tedx Bringing Diverse Speakers to Carson City

Bryce O’Connor, a 16 year-old from Carson City, will talk about the need for our educational system to recognize skill beyond the standard subjects. His interests lie primarily in the arts, specifically filmmaking, performing and writing.

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Tedx in Carson City

TEDx is coming to Carson with a full force of entertaining, informative, and downright paradigm-shifting short talks (only 10-15 minutes each), each touching on the theme of Creating the Community You Want to Live In. From battling the negative effects of certain food dyes to battling prejudice in the transgender community, to the Adams Hub’s very own mentor John Rutledge addressing the challenges lawyers face in today’s society, each speaker has something fresh and insightful to share. The all-day event seeks to bring ideas from multiple perspectives and disciplines into the forefront, creating an atmosphere rich in discussion, reflection, and positive action. The first few and further info on their stories and upcoming talks, along with event details, can be found in this article:

Tickets on sale Monday for TEDx Carson City

The talks will be 9 a.m.-5 p.m. April 8 and will feature 15 speakers addressing ways people can make a difference in their community and in their own lives.

“I want people to leave that day with the inspiration and tools to make a real difference,” Hill said. “I’m extremely proud of the fact that all of our speakers that day have strong ties to our community.”

Organizer Gina Hill said the goal for Carson City’s TEDx is to unite listeners in a common vision of creating a community that all would want to live in. She hopes it’s transformational.

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