Lunchbox Learning Series: How to Start a Business, with Michael Salogga

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Michael has quite the eclectic background and is uniquely qualified to be the local Business Development Manager for Carson City as well as the Business Counselor for the Nevada Small Business Development Center. Michael has two degrees from San Diego State: a BS in Information Systems and an MBA in Finance. His gray hair is from over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, distribution, retail, professional services and non-profits. He has worked for large recognizable names such as Levi Strauss and San Diego Gas & Electric and mom & pop’s, working directly with the mom & pop. As a C-Level executive and a worker bee, he has seen how many companies do it right and how many have done it wrong. His expertise covers sales, marketing, finance, operations and systems. Originally from the Bay Area, Michael has lived in the big city and in a small town in western Colorado. His focus in approaching business challenges is one steeped in proper planning, taking calculated risks and having tons of fun along the way. Join us and Michael on September 27th at 12pm!

Lunchbox Learning Series with Bob Ash

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As an esteemed professor and consultant with 44 years of experience, Bob Ash has been recognized as a City of Santa Ana Teacher of the Year as well as a nominee for the State of California Community College Teacher of the Year. Bob has taught innumerable classes on topics including the basics of marketing and advertising, elements of supervision, and effective communications. Some of his prestigious clients include the National Arborist Association, the California Environmental Health Association, and the Orange County Superior Court. Join us on September 6th and October 4th at 12pm!

Entrepreneurs Assembly at the Capital debuts August 17

Award-winning business organization Entrepreneurs Assembly (EA) will hold the first meeting of its new Carson City chapter, Entrepreneurs Assembly at the Capital, on Wednesday, August 17, from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

EA at the Capital will be hosted by The Studio at Adams Hub for innovation at 177 W. Proctor Street, Carson City, and will continue on the third Wednesday of each month. EA is a non-profit organization designed to support the success of local entrepreneurs, startups, and aspiring business owners. There is no cost to participate in EA at the Capital.

“EA gives its members focus and helps them take concrete steps toward achieving their dreams,” explains Matt Westfield, who co-founded the first chapter in 2010 to help accelerate the economic recovery of Northern Nevada.  “It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur with a startup or an established company.”

EA is now providing training and support to more than 200 participants, and was honored with the Entrepreneurial Spirit award for Nevada by the SBA in 2014. It currently operates chapters in Reno, South Lake Tahoe and Incline.

Companies of any size are welcome to join. Existing businesses as well as startups are invited to participate, so are “pre-startup” companies and people working on business ideas. Membership is free.

“We have everything from scaling tech companies to local brick-and-mortar businesses,” said Westfield. “It’s exciting to see how each chapter has evolved and the synergies that are created by interactions among our members. Our motto is ‘founders helping founders.’ That is the magic of EA.”

EA’s monthly meetings include lively, interactive round tables, facilitated by an impressive cohort of mentors with a wide array of business expertise and experience. During round table sessions, members identify their key priorities and action items, such as marketing, funding or employee recruitment, then leave the meeting with their marching orders for the next month.

“EA helps founders work ‘on’ their business, not ‘in’ their business,” Westfield stated. “They can then increase sales, employ more people, streamline processes, or develop a new product or service.”

Westfield, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, has years of experience helping businesses prosper in Northern Nevada. He is an adjunct professor in the UNR Entrepreneurship program and serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Adams Hub, whereS he advises clients of the business incubator, pre-accelerator program and coworking habitat.

Adams Hub launched its new event and classroom space, The Studio, on August 3, 2016.

“Hosting EA is exactly the type of collaboration we had in mind when we created The Studio,” said Adams Hub Community Curator Peggy Wynne Borgman. “Our mission is to encourage innovators and help foster a renewed entrepreneurial culture in Carson City. Adams Hub has a wonderful group of community business mentors who will be participating in the EA roundtables as facilitators.”

Anyone interested in participating in an upcoming EA at the Capital business roundtable meeting or wishing to learn more about EA membership, which is free of cost, can contact, or call 775.222.0001.

Coworking: the cure for the common workday

is changing the way startups, small businesses and freelancers work. It used to be there were a handful of options for those of us who didn’t have an office: work at home, rent expensive space or set up camp at Starbucks. (Good luck on that conference call!)

While working from home has advantages, it has a couple of significant downsides, the first being distractions. Work-from-homers often cite the dog, the kids, or the load of laundry you can slip in between emails as challenges to their productivity and concentration

But the most significant downside for the home office worker is the sense of isolation that can set in after the novelty and convenience of living where you work loses its luster.

Coworking to the rescue. This recent work trend has picked up incredible steam in the past few years. Coworking spaces have popped up in virtually every city in the US. Most of them feature a communal work area that may resemble a cafe, with large shared tables, lounge areas, conference rooms and “phone booths” for those conversations that demand privacy. Some, like Adams Hub, offer a receptionist and mailboxes, enabling small companies and startups to present a professional image from Day One.

At Adams Hub, coworking members enjoy a light, contemporary space with lots of windows, a high speed fiber network, and an unlimited supply of caffeine. Located in the heart of downtown Carson City, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes within walking distance, as well as a nearby yoga studio that offers lunchtime sessions. Other amenities include shower facilities for bike-to-workers, a refrigerator for stashing your lunch, and access to conference rooms as space permits. There’s even a new roof deck.

While coworkers report better focus and productivity, one of the biggest benefits of coworking are the “creative collisions” that occur while working around other people. These serendipities are one of the reasons people love coworking–you meet the most interesting people, doing the most interesting things. And inevitably, there are interesting new connections that come your way as a result of being in this “habitat.”

Adams Hub is unique in that it’s a business incubator and coworking habitat operated by the non-profit Hop & Mae Adams Foundation. Coworkers here enjoy an opportunity to be part of that environment of innovation and creativity.

Because our mission is to foster innovation and energetically support small business in the area, Adams Hub coworkers are treated to some unusual perks:

  • Student interns are often available to help coworking clients, on a space-available basis
  • On Fridays, expert research is provided by Research Ninjas, librarians from the Carson City Library.
  • Thursdays, business counseling by the SBDC is available in-house.
  • Even Office Depot gives our clients VIP treatment, extending their Carson City Chamber of Commerce discounts (which are substantial) to coworking members. Kind of makes you feel like a big shot.

Individual coworking memberships at Adams Hub are just $150 per month for use Monday-Friday, 9-5 p.m. Students (with current registration and ID) can join for just $49.

Tours are always available.

Want to know more about coworking, or getting your accepted for our business incubator? Contact us at or at 775.222.0001.

Learn more about the Coworking trend.