Julie Arsenault, Founder of PantyDrop, on the value of the Adams Hub Pre-Accelerator Program

Recent Adams Hub Pre-Accelerator startup Panty Drop is an online lingerie subscription service. Julie Arsenault, founder of PantyDrop, shared her thoughts about the experience in this mini-interview:

What was the format of the Pre-Accelerator?

“Based on Lean Startup Principles, and pulling from the Y Combinator curriculum, the 5-week program pushed us to “get outside the building” and validate customer demand for our ideas with interviews, rapid prototyping, and quick feedback cycles.”

What made you decide to join the Pre-Accelerator?

When I started the program, I felt that my growth strategy had stalled, but the program helped me narrow in on a promising niche market segment that’s helping my business get to the next level.

What did you think about your interactions with the Pre-Accelerator mentors and the participants?

Kevin Lyons and Miya MacKenzie are fantastic mentors, and definitely the people I want in my corner. With participants across stages, from the very earliest ideas to post-revenue and customers, the knowledge-sharing within the group was engaging and fun, and weekly goal-setting kept us on track and getting things done.”

What was your final assessment of the program’s value?

The Adams Hub Pre-Accelerator Program was the most impactful thing I did for my business in 2016.

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#Innovator Interview: YOUTH Positive with Molly Dahl

Applying principles of positive psychology to the classroom can have astounding results, as one Adams Hub mentor discovered.
“YOUTH Positive teaches real life, it teaches relationships, and it teaches growth mind-set–how and why to be happy and why it all matters.” Molly Dahl, creator and founder of YOUTH Positive, LLC, has spent 15 years encouraging teens to “live positive” and take an active participatory role in their lives and education. With over 15 years of experience in the high school classroom, both in private and public education, Molly Dahl is a seasoned professional educator.

Tell me about your teaching experience. How did your experience in the classroom inspire you to create YOUTH Positive?

I started what would become my teaching career in the English as a Second Language classroom as a teacher’s aide. About 4 years later, I found myself in my own high school classroom teaching Freshman English at a private Catholic school in Virginia. I thought I would only be there a year or two, but I fell in love with it. I love teenagers. They are so full of life and enthusiasm and are really and willing to participate full-on in life. I was there for 6 years, then moved back to Nevada to teach at Bishop Manogue High School. I was there one year, and then made the big leap to public school. Turns out, I liked it more than my experience in private education!

My classroom experience inspired me to create YOUTH Positive because my students, for 7 years, kept asking me again and again why they weren’t being taught things that really matter in life. They wanted more and they wanted “real”. So I put my studies in Positive Psychology to use and created a program for them that teaches what they asked for.

YOUTH Positive teaches real life, it teaches relationships, and it teaches the growth mind-set: how to be happy and why it all matters. They just wanted more than academics and test scores and college entrance worries. I couldn’t help but be influenced by their asking!

What sort of change did you notice in your students after implementing the youth positive approach?

They wanted to be there, in school. They were interested and engaged. They stated connecting the dots across the curriculum, making sense of what we studied in Spanish–making connections with the Spanish language to their studies in their English classes and connections with Spanish cultures with their history and world cultures classes.

They began to get that nothing is separate and unaffected by everything else, that it’s all interconnected and they can make meaning out of seemingly disparate subjects and then, boy! The lights go on and they get so excited. My students used to ask me if they could stay in my classroom all day long and if I could teach them every subject. Of course, I was flattered, but I encouraged them to find the same enthusiasm they had for my classroom in their other classes and with their other teachers.

My main goal as a teacher was to have my students step over the edge of the high school “nest” with their wings already flapping, ready to take on the world as self-sufficient, well-adjusted, happy and young men and women. I get texts and emails and little messages from them occasionally and guess what? They are thriving and enjoying it life. They are traveling and taking healthy risks and really experiencing life in person, not from behind the screen.

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