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“Click Camp Equips You for The Adventure.  One dream, one perfect spot, one incredible trip.”

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“The Solution is in the Details.”

Most customers and businesses are familiar with standard payment transaction data, known as level I and level II data, which gives basic information on a purchase. Level III is a little trickier, more complex, but has the benefits of capturing more crucial market data, lowering interchange rates, and is even becoming a requirement for many government purchases. LIMA3 Systems developed an automated solution for level III data integration. Introducing a first-of-its-kind payment software ecosystem that automates and transmits invoice line item data (level III), LIMA3 is cutting out the clutter of complex B2B/B2G (business to business/business to government) invoice data management and ensuring accurate transaction analysis on all levels of sale. Companies and government institutions will save time and money, as LIMA3 Systems assures the purchaser receives the accurate level III data they require, while their suppliers receive a 30%-40% reduction in their cost to accept purchase cards. Through LIMA3 Systems’ advanced automated technology and QuickBooks integration, companies can reap the benefits of precise invoice data while keeping overhead low and reducing costs, effectively bridging the gap between purchase card users and merchants/suppliers.
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“A private placement platform for a new era of wealth management.”

An investment isn’t just a requited use of your capital. It’s a commitment, a promise, and a statement on both parties. It requires expert decisiveness and tremendous risk analysis to make a smart investment. BaseVenture, a cutting-edge start-up led by financial technology executives, has created a groundbreaking private placement platform. BaseVenture connects real estate developers and funds with real estate investors to streamline today’s antiquated and largely analog process of investing in private placement real estate. For financial institutions, professional investors, wealth advisors, BaseVenture makes it easier to allocate capital to the most attractive segments of the real estate market. Working with BaseVenture, investors have a smarter way to achieve their goal of proper asset allocation. For real estate developers, BaseVenture helps identify new pools of capital looking for attractive returns and offers technology to significantly improve investor relations. BaseVenture seamlessly integrates into existing systems and is transforming the real estate investment industry from paper to paperless. BaseVenture is seeking to usher in the next generation of wealth management by creating a smarter way for Investment Professionals, Financial Institutions and Real Estate Sponsors.

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“Know your valuables are secure, from anywhere.”

The Aware System is an advanced mobile alert technology that provides instantaneous notification when a select item has been moved providing additional safeguarding for your possessions. Having your guns, medicine, liquor, or anything else of value locked up is a great start, but what if you could know it was absolutely safe and undisturbed from anywhere, 24/7? What if you could get a mobile alert letting you know something wasn’t right, the moment it happened? Isn’t that the kind of peace of mind you deserve?

Using only the latest technology and the fastest and most secure alert tools, the Aware System is an innovative security measure that grants the user total control, full responsiveness, and complete awareness of what happens to their firearms and other valuables-instantly. An integrated network of cloud technology, wireless hub control, easily-attachable sensors and encrypted mobile security make the Aware System a valuable asset to anyone who wants to keep themselves and their property safe.  Are you aware of who’s accessing the valuables in your home?

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“Gym management software built by gym owners for gym owners.”

Gym Insight is the easiest to use health club member management and member billing solution on the market. Our unique approach to the health club business is to create simple to use software where the focus is on your bottom line. Every aspect of Gym Insight is designed to make your membership business more transparent and more profitable. Running gyms is hard; running gyms profitably is even harder. Because our primary focus is on running gyms profitably we will make your life easier by effectively automating the tedious aspects of member billing and we will put more money in your bank account than any other company in our industry. Not only will we put more money in your bank account than any of our competitors we get better at doing so every day which means that as we continually evolve you become even more profitable.

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