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Last Call: Our Next Pre-Accelerator

Want to push your start-up into overdrive?? The Adams Hub Pre-Accelerator is a challenging five-week program for high-growth-potential startups. The program enables you to validate assumptions about your business model while focusing on milestones and increasing customer engagement. The pre-accelerator is led by entrepreneur Kevin Lyons. Only 4-6 companies are accepted into a program session, […]

Hub Client Profile–Ludela

LuDela is an innovative maker of next-generation “smart” candles whose motto is, “Better Light, Better Lives.” Founder Jamie Bianchini has chosen Adams Hub to incubate his startup. Your candle-lit dinner is about to get disrupted. LuDela is committed to offering the safest, most convenient, feature-rich candlelight in history. Imagine lighting an entire room full of […]

Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur?

The majority of people will likely get a 9-5 job after graduating, work until 60, and then retire. Not that there is anything wrong with this life path, but there are more options out there. One of these is being an entrepreneur. With just some of the benefits of entrepreneurship being controlling your own destiny, […]

Entrepreneurs and Movie Quotes…

The amount of planning and work that goes into business can turn it into a serious process with little room for fun. With all of the pressure, one needs inspiration, and what better place to get that inspiration than from some great movie quotes. 8 Lessons you can learn about Entrepreneurship from Movies It took […]

CHS student featured in TEDx Carson City | NevadaAppeal.com

TEDx Carson City will be featuring New E’s very own Shaylin Segura! Her eclectic worldview underpins a larger talk about the way the mind affects the body, which she will discuss in detail at the April 8 TED Talk. Learn more about her, as well as her fellow TEDx presenters in this final installment of […]

Home-grown Nevada

Nevada prides itself in its spirit of pioneering and self-sufficiency, so what better way to celebrate the rugged individualism of our state than by buying local, home-grown products? The Made in Nevada marketing co-op has been linking together local producers, creators, and innovators with consumers at home and abroad for over 25 years. This article […]