Lunchbox Learning: Secrets of Authentic Audience-Building for Your Blog

A successful blog is usually at the center of a good content strategy, and a must for creatives, freelancers and solopreneurs who are positioning themselves as thought leaders and experts. In the online world, “Content is King,” and the key to developing an audience. Compelling, original, high-quality content is vital to a powerful online presence and helps provide search engines with the “food” they love–which makes you (and your brand) more visible.

Jonas Ellison is a Northern Nevada author whose blog, Higher Thoughts, boasts a following of over 50,000 subscribers around the world. More impressive, Jonas achieved this success in a relatively short period, less than 2 years. It began as a side project/personal challenge: to blog every day for one full year. Now it’s the centerpiece of his professional life and his personal brand.

Jonas is an advocate of something he calls “authentic audience building”, and generally spurns the “clickbait” tactics commonly used to snare subscribers. For his blog, he chose to take the high road, and the results have been spectacular.

Jonas uses and recommends the blogging platform Medium and in this fast-paced lunch session he’ll share with you how he went from a WordPress blogger with a handful of followers to one of the Top Writers on this very influential blogging site. Medium was created (by the founder of Twitter) to enable everyone from world leaders to everyday folks to share their thoughts, analyses of world events, personal stories and more. As Medium says, they are “your daily news reimagined, straight from the people who are making and living it.” Top Medium bloggers include world leaders and everyday folks alike.

This fun, free lunchtime class is a great introduction to using Medium to amplify your “voice” and build your brand.

Get to know Jonas.

Tuesday, June 20th, 12-1 p.m.
The Studio at Adams Hub
177 W. Proctor St. Carson City

Jump-Start Your Week: Monday Motivation at the Hub!

On Motivation Mondays, community businesspeople as well as Adams Hub clients will be able to sit down, one-on-one, with Diane Dye Hansen, Chief Inspiration Officer of What Works Coaching and Columnist, and set a course for a successful week. Everyone needs to start the week off on the right foot–it doesn’t matter if you are a CEO, business leader, entrepreneur, manager, or an employee at in a local business. Yet most of us end up simply reacting to the events of our week rather than driving toward our goals and focusing time in our areas of highest priority. You’ve probably about the importance of focus. A mindful plan of action for your week will pay off in higher productivity, steady progress on your big goals, and greater satisfaction in your work.

During your Motivation Monday meeting, you and Diane will look at your week, calendar out your activities, and identify opportunities for growth. You’ll prepare for your challenges and Diane will help you build in touchpoints for growth and success. During your intensive 30-minute session, Diane will do all this with you and help you set an intention to keep you going. This will allow you to capitalize on opportunities and keep your motivation strong all week long.

Come see Diane starting February 6 from 10-2…your first two sessions are free!

10/18 Lunchbox Learning Class: The Zen of Customer Complaint Resolution

customer-service-recovery-graphDo you dread the next outrageous or review? Does your front desk team freeze like deer in the headlights when a customer complains? Does the phrase “she wants to talk to a manager” strike fear in your heart?

You’re right to be nervous. Unhappy customers share their experience with three times as many friends and family members as your happiest advocate. have amplified this effect dramatically.

“fails” are a fact of life for everyone in business, regardless of how hard you try. (Even the founder of Neiman Marcus has said, “The road to success is paved with mistakes well-handled.”) Learning how to “recover” from these events is more crucial than ever, regardless of whether you’re a coffee shop or a law practice.
     There’s a major upside to handling a complaint effectively. Your customers will actually be happier than if they’d had an “uneventful” experience with your company (see diagram!) Authentic “” is not about improving online reviews, but giving actual, excellent customer service.
     Service recovery is a teachable skill. The first crucial element is a company-wide commitment to delighting customers.  Then all employees, regardless of position, need specific coaching in complaint-resolution skills.
     Your business must also define what, exactly, is in an employee’s “relationship repair” toolbox. (Can a restaurant server “comp” a meal? Is a manager’s approval necessary to issue a credit or refund for unsatisfactory service?) Making it easy to provide “recompense” or “amends” is essential to empowering employees to give world-class service. The words “I have to check with my manager” will further enrage an already-angry customer.
     Our fun, fast Lunchbox Learning class provides specific strategies and tactics that will ensure loyal, happy customers after a misstep.
     We’ll discuss how to turn around tense situations, how to remain calm and effective during a confrontation, how to identify complaints before they happen, and how to resolve a complaint with confidence. Attendees will find out how to turn potential “haters” into raving fans of your business.

We’ll cover:

  • The shocking power of negative word of mouth, on and offline
  • When to disregard negative feedback
  • Handling complaints in person, on the phone, and online
  • The anatomy of a complaint
  • Your most valuable client: the complainer
  • Different complaining “styles” and how to respond effectively to each
  • Radioactive words and phrases you must never use when resolving a complaint
  • Why and when problem-solving backfires, and what to do about it
  • A simple trick that will enable you to listen rather than panic
  • Recompense: how to make them happy without giving away the store
  • Abusive vs. Angry customers and what to do about them

The Zen of Customer Complaint Resolution

12-1 p.m. (BYO Lunch!)

Adams Hub for , 111 W. Proctor St. Carson City.

 Space is limited for this session, so please RSVP to

Entrepreneurs Assembly at the Capital debuts August 17

Award-winning business organization Entrepreneurs Assembly (EA) will hold the first meeting of its new Carson City chapter, Entrepreneurs Assembly at the Capital, on Wednesday, August 17, from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

EA at the Capital will be hosted by The Studio at Adams Hub for innovation at 177 W. Proctor Street, Carson City, and will continue on the third Wednesday of each month. EA is a non-profit organization designed to support the success of local entrepreneurs, startups, and aspiring business owners. There is no cost to participate in EA at the Capital.

“EA gives its members focus and helps them take concrete steps toward achieving their dreams,” explains Matt Westfield, who co-founded the first chapter in 2010 to help accelerate the economic recovery of Northern Nevada.  “It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur with a startup or an established company.”

EA is now providing training and support to more than 200 participants, and was honored with the Entrepreneurial Spirit award for Nevada by the SBA in 2014. It currently operates chapters in Reno, South Lake Tahoe and Incline.

Companies of any size are welcome to join. Existing businesses as well as startups are invited to participate, so are “pre-startup” companies and people working on business ideas. Membership is free.

“We have everything from scaling tech companies to local brick-and-mortar businesses,” said Westfield. “It’s exciting to see how each chapter has evolved and the synergies that are created by interactions among our members. Our motto is ‘founders helping founders.’ That is the magic of EA.”

EA’s monthly meetings include lively, interactive round tables, facilitated by an impressive cohort of mentors with a wide array of business expertise and experience. During round table sessions, members identify their key priorities and action items, such as marketing, funding or employee recruitment, then leave the meeting with their marching orders for the next month.

“EA helps founders work ‘on’ their business, not ‘in’ their business,” Westfield stated. “They can then increase sales, employ more people, streamline processes, or develop a new product or service.”

Westfield, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, has years of experience helping businesses prosper in Northern Nevada. He is an adjunct professor in the UNR Entrepreneurship program and serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Adams Hub, whereS he advises clients of the business incubator, pre-accelerator program and coworking habitat.

Adams Hub launched its new event and classroom space, The Studio, on August 3, 2016.

“Hosting EA is exactly the type of collaboration we had in mind when we created The Studio,” said Adams Hub Community Curator Peggy Wynne Borgman. “Our mission is to encourage innovators and help foster a renewed entrepreneurial culture in Carson City. Adams Hub has a wonderful group of community business mentors who will be participating in the EA roundtables as facilitators.”

Anyone interested in participating in an upcoming EA at the Capital business roundtable meeting or wishing to learn more about EA membership, which is free of cost, can contact, or call 775.222.0001.

Join us! The Studio at Adams Hub Launch Party August 3

Adams Hub for innovation is celebrating the opening of The Studio at Adams Hub, a new collaboration and event space, on Wednesday, August 3, from 5-7 p.m. The approximately 1,500 square foot, multi-purpose facility is being added to the business incubator and co-working habitat, and will be host to classes, workshops and community events, including a new chapter of the award-winning Nevada entrepreneur and business-mentoring organization, Entrepreneurs Assembly.

Studio Invite Side A snipped

The Studio Invitation

“Our Launch Party will be a fun and casual evening to introduce this great new resource, and give everyone a chance to find out about all the things we’re doing to encourage innovation in the community,” said Miya MacKenzie, Adams Hub Chief Professional Officer. “Guests will be able to meet entrepreneurs from our business incubator program, mingle with our community Mentors and suggest offerings for our new Lunchbox Learning series.”

The New Entrepreneur Network, or “NewE” also will be represented by talented young movers-and-shakers from local schools. NewE is a unique partnership between Adams Hub and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Nevada, which helps students build life and career skills informed by entrepreneurism and creative thinking.

Guests who visit The Studio will also have a chance to tour the handsome, recently-expanded downtown Adams Hub facility at Carson and Proctor streets. In addition to its bright, open-plan co-working space, there are private offices–some with views of iconic downtown buildings–light-filled conference rooms, and even a rooftop deck.

“We’re eager to share what’s been happening here,” said Peggy Wynne Borgman, Adams Hub’s new Community Curator. “We’re here to support local startups and freelancers, and leverage our community collaborations to attract new employers and more highly-compensated jobs to the area. We’re proud to be able to play a role in the renaissance of downtown Carson City.”

The launch party will give guests a chance to meet some other key Adams Hub collaborators, including Carson City Library director Sena Loyd, who deploys her “research ninja” skills at the Hub on Fridays to help clients with deep, advanced research utilizing proprietary databases.

Matt Westfield, Adams Hub entrepreneur-in-residence and entrepreneurship instructor for University of Nevada Reno, mentors Adams Hub clients on Wednesdays, and Michael Salogga, business counselor for the Carson City SBDC, meets with small business owners from the community during office hours at Adams Hub each Thursday.

Party guests will also be treated to sweets, savories and summer sangria.

Adams Hub is a project of the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation, whose mission is to encourage economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial thinking in Northern Nevada.

For more information, please visit, or call 775.222.0001








Save the Date! Launch Party 8/3 for The Studio at Adams Hub


The Studio at Adams Hub is nearly complete! We’re planning our launch for Wednesday, August 3, from 5-7 p.m. The Studio is an exciting new extension of our business incubator and co-working facility. This versatile space will host seminars, workshops, social events, company retreats and fundraisers.

With a theme of “Launching Innovators,” the party will include gourmet treats from local food and beverage innovators as well as prize giveaways. (Even free coworking memberships for some lucky new members!)

Guests will have a chance to participate in an interactive “treasure hunt” to learn more about the programs that Adams Hub supports. These include the New Entrepreneur Network, in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club, and the brand new Entrepreneurs Assembly at the Capitol, which will hold its monthly EARN (Entrepreneurs Assembly Round Table) meetings at The Studio.

The first 20 guests to RSVP online will also receive a VIP Adams Hub Gift Bag when they check in.

RSVP for the Launch Party at

Or call (775) 222-0001 for more information or assistance.


Happy Holidays!

Adams Hub office will be closed for the Holidays.  Our office will close at 12 pm on Christmas Eve (Thursday) and will reopen at 8 am on Monday, December 28, 2015.


The Staff at Adams Hub would like to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!  We hope that you all are able to spend time with your loved ones and stay safe and warm.



WNC Student Pitch Presentations This Week!

WNC Students to Pitch Business Plans at Adams Hub

“Many of our students haven’t worked with real professionals,” Whitcomb said. “It puts them in real settings and helps students start their own businesses. They need to be where the business is; you can’t just teach this in the classroom.”

Students are preparing marketing plans for businesses such as snow removal, home care, sports-related activities, animal shelters, horseback riding, and more. Students will present their marketing ideas to Rob Griffin, executive director of Adams Hub; Jeff Glass, director of New Entrepreneurs Network; and Miya MacKenzie, Hop & Mae Adams chief officer.

Curated from WNC Marketing Students to Pitch Business Plans at Adams Hub | Carson City Nevada News – Carson Now