Entrepreneurs and Movie Quotes…

The amount of planning and work that goes into business can turn it into a serious process with little room for fun. With all of the pressure, one needs inspiration, and what better place to get that inspiration than from some great movie quotes.

8 Lessons you can learn about Entrepreneurship from Movies

It took Batman some time to realize that even if his intention was good, his actions would decide what the world thinks of him. In business too, if you have an idea, it doesn’t matter unless you find ways to execute it in a manner than will genuinely change the world.

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Singapore’s ‘cloud forest’ revolutionizes green spaces – Tech Insider

This is very awesome!  This green space is so beautiful and really is a great idea for community living spaces.

Singapore’s ‘cloud forest’ revolutionizes green spaces – Tech Insider

Hundreds of trees and plant varieties cover the face of the two apartment buildings. As water flows through the building, it gets constantly recycled to help the green life flourish.


Throwback Thursday!

Take a rest, after all, it is Thursday.  Click the link to this article and check out the picture…  How many items can you name?

Can you name these “Throwback Thursday” devices?

For Throwback Thursday, we’ll reflect on the simpler times. Shown below are images of eleven different items that were popular in the office 20 years ago – do you recognize any? If so, we want to hear your stories! Share in the comments section below to explain how these devices played a role in your day-to-day life 20 years ago. (Humorous anecdotes welcome).

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Perseverance is Key

As Apple prepares to make its grandest launch of products ever this Wednesday we are reminded about the number one factor in the success of every start-up and how Steve Jobs made Apple the most successful tech company in history…


I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.

Steve Jobs

When You Enemy’s Making Mistakes…

As a startup one of the greatest feelings you will have is knowing your product, service or business is going to change the world.  If you are solving real pain for real people, you have the chance to create something long lasting and durable that will literally change how people live their lives.

Carson City would look great on this infographic.

Check out the statistics of where the top cities are that are founding their startups.


The World’s Top Cities For Female Entrepreneurs [Infographic] – Forbes

Where in the world are women most likely to found a ? According to the Global Ecosystem Ranking 2015, the number of female entrepreneurs is now significantly higher than in previous years. Even so, it is much lower than the number of men starting new businesses. In 2012, approximately 12 percent of global startups had a female founder and this increased to 18 percent in the 2015.

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