What does buying dinner, getting fat and stunt driving all have in common?

Startup funding that is…

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: How A Big Round Can Hurt Your Startup  |  TechCrunch

Fundraising is like this — if you don’t need to order a massive meal to sate your appetite, don’t do it. Aside from the obvious temptation to waste (see next section), the reality is that you won’t be over-ordering with cash in your pocket or even debt — you’ll be buying too much food with equity, something you can only sell once!


Welcome to the future with Tesla…

Tesla’s Robotic Metal Snake Charger Is “For Realz”  |  TechCrunch

Hit the play button and watch it all the way through. The snakey charging arm (called the “Solid Metal Snake” of course) makes it way to the parked Tesla Model S car automatically. No human intervention.

Today, the company tweeted out a demo of something its founder and CEO Elon Musk has talked about before. At the time it sounded crazy, as most of Musk’s ideas do.


Our world today and possibly tomorrow.

This just gives a glimpse of what our future holds, the great possibilities of making our lives more manageable.  It is reminiscent of Back To The Future when Marty McFly travels into the future.

What the Internet of Things Means for Your Business [Slideshare] – Salesforce Blog

With the ability to collect and analyze actionable customer data, self-diagnose their own computer systems, and automatically update your social media feeds, IoT devices will completely change the face of . After all, there won’t be much use for irrelevant popup ads and browser cookies when there is enough data and communication to be able to reach consumers when they most need to be reached, and provide them with answers to the problems that they are having right now.


Think about that for a moment. Imagine if your toothbrush could detect possible cavities, and then relay that information to your telephone and prompt you to schedule an appointment with your dentist. The reality of the situation is that this future isn’t distant at all, and unless businesses want to be left in the dust, they’d better start preparing for the impending technological revolution.

Curated from What the Internet of Things Means for Your Business [Slideshare] – Salesforce Blog


These Apps Are Worth a Download

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When thoughts get moving a mile a minute, even the most structured brainstorming sessions can get out of hand. These five apps will help you corral your ideas, queue up inspiration, and collaborate with your colleagues.