Adams Hub Client Application

Client Application Form

The mission of ADAMS HUB is to provide a “hand-up” to entrepreneurs, yielding jobs and economic development for the local economy. ADAMS HUB welcomes all types of small businesses who are dedicated to business excellence and ready for rapid growth!

Eligibility Requirements

Before admission into ADAMS HUB, a Company must:

1. Be a start-up/growth small business enterprise with product or service that fits the mission of ADAMS HUB and matches programmatic strengths found at ADAMS HUB.
2. Identify partnerships with ADAMS HUB’s community of sponsors, mentors and supporters as determined through meetings with ADAMS HUB management and otherwise meet ADAMS HUB approval process.
3. Have a strong management team and agree to have at least one employee on-site, at ADAMS HUB, on regular basis.
4. Have adequate financial resources to remain in business for at least six (6) months, as indicated in the company’s business summary.
5. Certify that there are no legal claims or lawsuits pending against the business at the time of this application.
6. Submit a written business plan or detailed executive summary, including product idea and concept, potential markets, general financials, and resumes of each principal of the business.
7. Attend a personal interview session with management of ADAMS HUB.
8. Submit to a criminal/civil/credit background check as part of the admissions process.
9. Complete an application form.
10. Complete a lease with ADAMS HUB.
11. Agree to seek and accept assistance from ADAMS HUB program and its network of service providers as outlined below.

Upon Admission to Incubator, Company agrees to:

1. Attend monthly meetings with ADAMS HUB Management personnel to review milestones, evaluate progress, and explore options for business development.
2. Submit an Annual Performance report* to ADAMS HUB Management no later than 60 days prior to lease renewal, and submit semi-annual financial reports to ADAMS HUB management. Lease renewal is contingent upon adequate progress toward milestones, as reported in the Performance report.
3. Attend periodic group events arranged by ADAMS HUB management and generally take advantage of opportunities to network with service providers and other ADAMS HUB clients.
4. Attend meetings with ADAMS HUB personnel to discuss and maintain relationships with ADAMS HUB and its network of mentors, providers and sponsors.
5. Abide by all rules and regulations of ADAMS HUB at all times.

*Performance report assistance is provided through ADAMS HUB management office.

Submit Application Form and Business Plan online with the form below or to:

Executive Director
Adams Hub
111 West Proctor Street
Carson City, NV 89703

Final decision regarding admission to ADAMS HUB is at the sole discretion of ADAMS HUB Management and Board.

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