Old West legend has proven that the most successful entrepreneurs were actually those providing supplies and tools to outfit all the silver and gold hunters. Adams Hub provides bold entrepreneurs with state-of-the-art tools and resources to strike it big in today’s modern economy. Our specialty is nurturing innovative and technology-focused start-ups, as well as emerging growth companies that are expanding, relocating, or simply seeking strategic guidance.

What We Do

At Adams Hub, we support entrepreneurs in turning their dreams into innovative businesses. We look for passionate, driven founders with big ideas and disruptive models. Entrepreneurs like these are essential to creating a vibrant economy and community. Our short-term and long-term mission is to achieve the following milestones:

  • Help launch, grow and accelerate the success of start-ups.
  • Offer an inspired workspace for entrepreneurial knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration.
  • Create high-income jobs in northern Nevada.
  • Develop a culture of entrepreneurism in the community.
  • Become the local hub of innovation and entrepreneurship for successful start-ups.

Adams Hub Founding

          • Adams Hub is a strategic initiative of the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation. Prior to her death in October 2009 at the age of 97, Mae Adams founded the Hop & Mae Adams Foundation. The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation was set up to be managed by three trustees who were tasked to use their judgment to best assist Carson City.

      Hop & Mae Adams

      • The Trustees have chosen to do so with Mae’s worldview kept in mind. As a daughter of the Great Depression, Mae had a healthy distrust of entitlements and politicians but strongly believed in a community’s need to pull together. Mae shared her experiences in a conversation with Foundation Trustees.

“Everyone had to work hard together. We all had to help ourselves survive while helping others help themselves. No one could survive the times without helping each other. There were no free handouts, but rather a helping hand up. Hard work and integrity were valued. Simple handouts were viewed as demeaning; they were not expected, and most certainly not demanded.” 

Mae Adams


Adams Hub’s secret to start-up success is frequent strategic mentoring sessions and direct access to a network of advisors and service partners who all are here to help entrepreneurs accelerate their development. Adams Hub network of successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, proven veterans, industry experts and leading service providers assist our clients in achieving their milestones.  Mentors will provide one-on-one advice, act as a sounding board, give the guidance that a start-up needs at each critical stage of their growth and act as part of your start-up brain trust.  Our mentors always roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty to help Adams Hub start-ups succeed.

Grow your start-up faster with mentoring leaders who will offer advice on critical start-up knowledge including:

  • Business plan development and refinement
  • Market and business model validation
  • Product development and enhancement
  • Review and development of key milestones
  • Advisory board development
  • Strategic planning and business strategy
  • Investor pitch development and refinement
  • Assistance in forming your company as a legal entity
  • Marketing, sales and business development strategy
  • Intellectual property development and protection
  • Recruiting and building your team
  • Funding and capital investment


Adams Hub is the hub of the entrepreneurial eco-system in northern Nevada.  We are partnered with the following distinguished organizations, united in our efforts to help entrepreneurs grow their ideas into successful business ventures:


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