Community Support

The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation, established in 2008 for the overall long-term benefit of the Carson City community, has been deeply involved in revitalizing the heart of Carson City. The Hop & Mae Adams Foundation has a board of local and out-of-state trustees, this keeps the trustees in touch with the community yet mitigates the impact of personal agendas and relationships. What may not be so well known is that the Foundation is also the major financial supporter of the Adams Hub.

Every year, the Foundation reviews the value of its effort to assist the community of Carson City by gaining feedback and insight from community leaders. The feedback on our building revitalization has been overwhelmingly positive.

The trustees of the Foundation decided to reboot Adams Hub to accomplish the community desired goals as gained from various focus groups and meetings, while supporting other non-profits as we can that are aligned with our community-directed goals.

Hop & Mae Adams