Adams Hub Interim Strategic Plan: Summer 2018 – Winter 2019

Hello all!

Valerie here, the new Business Development Manager at the Adams Hub. As many of you already have heard, the Carson City Library took over management of the Adams Hub for innovation in May 2018 as a “Special Library Services Program of Economic Development”. Since that time, we’ve been asked quite a bit about what our vision is for the future of Adams Hub. So, we’ve developed an interim strategic plan. Ready to check it out?

Click here –> Final Interim Strategic Plan

We understand that you might have some questions (we’ve heard quite a few), so hopefully the information below will help to answer some of them!

Q: “Why did you write a strategic plan for only a few months?”

A: I’m glad you asked! The Library will be starting it’s next strategic planning process at the end of 2018, going into early 2019. Since the Adams Hub is now a program of the Library, it’s important that any plan for the Hub syncs with that of the Library, and vice versa. Thus, a full strategic planning process for the Hub will be completed in conjunction with that of the Library.

However, that leaves us hanging for a few months. To remedy that issue, we put together this interim plan to give the program some formal direction until a more robust and comprehensive planning process could take place.

Q: “What is the vibe of the Hub going to be like? Is this going to turn into a quiet ‘library’ setting?”

A: Definitely not! We feel it’s very important to build a culture of collaboration in a program such as this, and so we want our coworking space to be one where members can freely share ideas and to discuss challenges and successes. As for specific vibe, we have some ideas as to how we can maximize the creativity and fun that can take place in our space… more to come!

Bonus: we’re open to new ideas and suggestions! If you think of something that would be a great addition to our culture, contact me (info below) and let’s chat!

Q: “Is the incubator program going away?”

A: No. We have temporarily put the incubator program on hold while we look at how we can provide the best program within our resources. We intend to bring back the incubator program in the next few months. In the meantime, we do still offer coworking, “Executive Startup” memberships that include a private office, and many other memberships and services. Check out our latest program and fee schedule here –> New Member Fee Schedule 7.2018

Q: “How is the Adams Hub being funded now?”

A: Our program is still funded 100% through a grant from the Hop and Mae Adams Foundation, which launched the Adams Hub in 2014. We are currently exploring other state and federal grants to help support and expand our program offerings. No Carson City general fund dollars are going into the Adams Hub programs or services.

Q: “What is your vision for the Adams Hub?” 

A: It’s in the interim strategic plan, along with our larger goals, objectives, proposed activities, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Enjoy!

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact me!


Valerie Cauhape, MA, MPH (