Letter from an Adams Hub Intern

Dear Adams Hub Newsletter Readers,

For the past three months, I’ve had the pleasure of interning here at Adams Hub for innovation, where the atmosphere is alive with entrepreneurial excitement! Whether the conference rooms are occupied by community influencers recording a podcast, entrepreneurs conducting a training session for their new web application, or builders discussing development projects, there’s always something to learn by simply being here. Through playing my small part, I’ve found helping local startups to be an enlightening adventure.

My name is Jeremy Ussher. I’m part of a team of five Adams Hub interns that includes Kevin Haws, Kory Richardson, Whitney Weaver, Jaime Guidino. Kevin, Kory and I are part of the Pack Internship Program sponsored by the University of Nevada, Reno. Whitney was a student at Western Nevada College when she accepted this internship, but now studies at UNR as well. Jaime is a senior at Carson High School, and will start college at WNC in the fall. Intern support is one of the most popular services provided to incubator clients. We help with researching and gathering information, beta testing, scraping data from websites to build mailing lists, and anything else that can aid in the success of a startup.

“We’re at the heart of Northern Nevada’s entrepreneurial community. Whether it’s a new company looking for growth or an experienced mentor looking to advance others, this is the perfect environment to advance entrepreneurial endeavors. It has been a spectacular experience,” says Kevin.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to be a part of the “hand up” Adams Hub offers the Carson City community, while also building our business network and skills.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the experience that’s been afforded to me by Adams Hub. Every day offers new opportunities for learning, growth, and contribution. Working with so many different clients has given me a broad range of business knowledge, and allowed me the opportunity to contribute to the many exciting projects that are taking place in the Northern Nevada area. The community that has been built here is ready to support anyone with an interest in entrepreneurship.” Kory says.

Whitney adds, “My experiences at Adams Hub have taught me that a startup takes more than one person. The element of coworking and collaboration here is the epitome of entrepreneurship. Everyone is trying to make the world better through their work—that’s what makes Adams Hub so unique!”

“If you would’ve asked me a couple of months before I started my internship what my career path looked like, I would’ve said I have no clue,” says Jaime, who’s preparing to graduate from Carson High. “Now I can comfortably say I want to be an Entrepreneur. I was able to spend time with some of our Carson City entrepreneurs, listening to them, and talking with them about their goals and plans for the future. It was such an amazing experience. I look forward for the day I get to apply these skills to lead a group of people to success, too. I truly appreciate the confidence Adams Hub has given me, allowing me to go further in life and not just be a dreamer but an achiever.”

As we prepare to move on to our next adventures, I can definitely say that everyone on the intern team has enjoyed playing a part in growing Carson City’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Gratefully yours,
Jeremy Ussher