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Are you a small business or entrepreneur looking for a collaborative workspace? Become a Co-Working Member today while memberships are still available.

Think you are an Accelerator or Innovator? Adams Hub Virtual Incubator Member and Premier Incubator Member program application and review process is outlined below:

Step 1: Please review Adams Hub incubator Selection Criteria.

Step 2: If you meet the qualifications, complete our online incubator application form and submit your business plan/executive summary.

Step 3: Next, call us at 775.222.0001 to schedule an initial tour of Adams Hub and to discuss your start-up and application with our Chief Professional Officer.

Step 4: Qualified applicants will conduct a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation in a casual meeting with Adams Hub management.

Step 5: Adams Hub Selection Advisory Board then reviews your application and documents to determine if you are approved.

Step 6: If approved, you will need to complete a formal background check and sign our lease and incubator member program agreement. If you do not qualify, or if we do not currently have available space, we will discuss with you other options for becoming involved in Adams Hub membership and services, or refer you to more appropriate small business service providers in the area.

*Space is limited in all of our programs.