Premier Incubator Member

Premier Incubator Memberships for Innovators

Incubator Launch Program

Adams Hub offers select start-ups that meet key selection criteria, entry into our full-service incubator program.  The Premier Incubator Member program provides three critical components to entrepreneurial success: access to infrastructure, access to knowledge, and access to capital.  Adams Hub Premier Incubator Members receive exclusive and premium services designed to optimize and accelerate the start-up timeframe and proven success rate of new ventures, in fact, 84% of incubated start-ups grow to run successful start-ups

What makes Adams Hub unique from all other start-up incubators and accelerators is that our Innovator program does not limit the start-up to a three month schedule.  Instead, we believe that the ongoing value, development and support services Adams Hub can provide should not be capped at an arbitrary time frame, but continue as long as a start-up continues to grow.  The goal of the incubator program is to graduate start-ups to the point they outgrow Adams Hub’s services, and space to move into larger offices in the community.

In addition to all amenities included in our Co-Working and Virtual Incubator Member programs, Premier Incubator Member services include:

  • Dedicated, furnished, modern office space.  Private offices with space for one to four employees per office so that your start-up has a dedicated physical home in the Hub that can grow as you grow.  Locked offices, with glass doors and interior glass windows provide a modern environment with the added level of privacy and security.  Best of all, you can access your office 24/7 via a personal encrypted key card.
  • Need to pull an all-nighter to get your newest product launched or just hit the trail for lunch?  No problem, Adams Hub also offers full showers in the restroom facilities.
  • VOIP dedicated phone number.  Each start-up is provided with a unique, dedicated phone line that can ring directly to your private offices or to the Hub’s shared receptionist.  If you prefer to have a live-person answer all incoming calls to your start-up, the receptionist can answer your line as well.  Once your start-up is so successful it outgrows the Hub and needs larger offices of its own, your phone line can be taken with you so that all of your marketing collateral and website contact information can remain the same.
  • 24/7 Video surveillance & key card security system.
  • Professional reception and greeting service Mon-Fri, 8AM-5PM.
  • Unlimited priority use of all conference rooms.
  • Access to Intern pool for working on approved special projects.
  • Company highlighted on Adams Hub website.
  • Hub Advisors – Hub staff will provide one-on-one consulting, coaching, assistance and referrals.
  • Service Provider Network – Pre-screened, outstanding third party providers will offer free and reduced fee services to incubator clients.
  • Mentors – successful entrepreneurs, senior executives, and proven veterans provide advice and guidance in achieving your milestones.

Premier Incubator Member Fee: $500/month per office (up to 2 persons, additional fees for each additional employee)