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Incubator Program Selection Criteria

Adams Hub is now accepting applications for the incubator program and welcomes start-ups who are dedicated to excellence and ready for rapid growth.  To ensure Adams Hub can deliver the value-added services consistent with our Mission, we apply the following criteria for selecting start-ups into our program as outlined below:

        • Demonstrate a need for Adams Hub services and assistance.
        • Have job creation potential – not a one employee business such as a graphic designer or consultant, etc.
        • Founders with commitment, passion, coachability, resiliency, and character.
        • Be a start-up or growth enterprise that fits the Adams Hub mission.
        • Commit to at least one team member on-site, full-time at Adams Hub.
        • Have a strong founder or founding team.
        • A willingness to learn, accept assistance offered by Adams Hub and an openness to being mentored.
        • Have an innovative and scalable business opportunity, preferably with intellectual property.
        • Be a good fit and not in direct competition with other incubator client companies in the Adams Hub.
        • Be willing to take advice and contribute to a positive atmosphere of entrepreneurial support within Adams Hub.
        • Have adequate financial resources to cover program fees, any overhead or salaries for at least 6-12 months.
        • Certify that there are no legal claims or lawsuits pending against the business.
        • Attend a personal interview session with Adams Hub.
        • Have physical space needs that Adams Hub can accommodate.
        • Pass a complete background check.
        • Have plans to remain in greater Carson City area upon graduation from the incubator program.
        • Complete the incubator application form.
        • Submit a written business plan or executive summary that meets the following requirements.

Selection Criteria Bonus Characteristics:

        • Have a multi-disciplinary founding team with proven start-up or growth experience.
        • Have an outside advisory team and professional service providers (legal, financial, strategy, technical, etc.).
        • Have or are working on a prototype or developed product.
        • Have founders willing to take personal risk and/or put up personal assets.

Upon Admission to Adams Hub incubator program:

        • Attend regularly scheduled meetings with Adams Hub management personnel to review milestones, evaluate progress, and explore options for business development.
        • Submit an annual performance report to Adams Hub management and submit semi-annual reports.
        • Attend periodic group events arranged by Adams Hub and generally take advantage of opportunities to network with service providers and other Adams Hub clients.
        • Attend meeting with Adams Hub management to discuss relationships with Adams Hub and its network of mentors and providers.
        • Abide by all the rules and regulations of Adams Hub.
        • Get ready to grow!

Incubator Application: Business Plan or Executive Summary

If you have already created a business plan, please submit your plan as the more information Adams Hub has about your start-up, the better recommendations and assessment we can provide.  If you do not have a business plan, an executive summary is needed as part of the application process.  The executive summary, at a minimum, needs to include the following information for the Adams Hub Selection Advisory Board:

        • Description of the product/service (what are the unique features or benefits and your venture’s competitive advantages).
        • Description of the intellectual property, business model and how the business will make money.
        • An overview of the target customer and industry (market dynamics: size, growth, and sub-segmentation).
        • Estimates or projections for product/service costs, pricing and sales over a 3 year period.
        • A description of the major service/product milestones to be accomplished over the next 1-2 years.
        • A discussion of how the business will be sustainable or funded for a minimum of 6-12 months.
        • Overview of the founder’s education, career and applicable experience.