David W. Thomson

David Thomson, a rocket scientist, has joined the ranks of the Mentor Program. He hopes to share his thoughts and insights with those who are developing cutting-edge technologies.

  • Mr. Thomson is an accomplished systems engineer that has held various positions in a number of tech companies, such as Technical Staff Member at Los Alamos National Laboratory, Systems Engineering Specialist at Siemens and Chrysler, and Systems Engineer for Martin Marietta Denver Aerospace, to name just a few.
  • Helped design and analyze numerous advanced systems ranging from microwave measurement tools to space-qualified counter-weaponry and surveillance technologies.
  • Holds an MBA from The Anderson School of Management, and an MBA in Physical Oceanography as well as a BS with Honors in Oceanography from the Florida Institute of Technology.
  • Did You Know? David Thomson led the team that created an advanced system to automatically detect, classify, and mark military mines.
  • Expertise in:
    • Project management
    • Instrument/system design and analysis
    • Data acquisition