Kathy Priebe

Kathy Priebe is an active mentor and investor with the Sierra and Reno Angels. She holds a lifelong commitment to advancing technology and engineering, as well as a desire to aid entrepreneurial enterprises and startups.

  • Former Vice Chair of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.
  • Founder and Facilitator of the MIT – Stanford Venture Laboratory, a joint venture between MIT’s Sloan School of Business and Stanford’s Business school to provide high potential startup companies exposure to and feedback from top venture capital firms, angels and private placement high net worth asset managers.
  • Recipient of the Angel Investor Advocate of the Year Award from EDAWN, March 2016.
  • Developed software systems for numerous domestic and foreign technology firms and startups.  Founding team member and Director, Software Engineering for  $2.3B semiconductor company; manager, software business development for Intel.
  • Recipient of the Sierra Angel Member of the Year Award for outstanding engagement, 2015.
  • Holds a BS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Michigan and completed graduate studies in Computer Science at Rutgers, NYU, and Stanford.
  • Did You Know?: Kathy is a MENSA members, and additionally serves on the Board of Directors of the Reno Chamber Orchestra.
  • Expertise in:
    • Intelligent software communications systems
    • Startup community development
    • Advancement of conservation initiatives, science, and technology