Mike Jackson

Entrepreneurship and engineering tech expert Mike Jackson lends his advice to innovators seeking to significantly boost their production and engineering capabilities.

  • Currently the owner and CEO of The Micromanipulator Company, LLC in Carson City, NV, a manufacturer of test equipment used for the testing of integrated circuits. Prior to this, built and managed a world-wide sales channel for The Micromanipulator Co., Inc.
  • Chairman of IEEE Standards Committee for Liquid Crystal Displays, substantiated by extensive professional experience in LCD technology.
  • AS in Electronics from Foothill College and BS in Technical Management from Regis University with focuses on AC and DC Electronics, Transistor Theory, Technical Writing and associated Physics and Electronic Labs.
  • Did You Know: Mike was a member of the team that developed the first full-page Liquid Crystal Display at Kylex.
  • Expertise in:
    • Sales and marketing management
    • Test equipment technology
    • Electronics