Seed Funding & Access to Capital

We understand that one of the most important factors in the success of a start-up is access to capital to fuel the business at each critical stage of its growth.  Adams Hub’s objective is to help start-ups grow to the level they are either financially self-sustaining, or successful enough to obtain funding.  Financial assistance includes helping entrepreneurs apply for loans with preferred bank lenders, access angel investors and venture capitalists, navigate and apply for state and federal grants and create crowd-funding campaigns.

Adams Hub also offers a robust network of financial providers with access to capital for every stage of a start-up’s needs.  We will work tirelessly to assist our incubator clients in gaining access to this capital via our network of financial partners.  Adams Hub incubator graduates will realize the credibility of capital providers for having participated from the incubator program.  In fact, studies have shown that while only 7-10% of start-ups receive funding, 74% of incubator graduates receive start-up funding.

Adams Hub has established relationships with the following funding partners:

  • Battle Born Venture
  • Angel Investor Networks