Service Providers

Service Provider Network

Adams Hub offers a network of outstanding service providers and specialists, technical experts and others business partners that are critical to a start-up’s needs.  We know entrepreneurs are short on time so we have vetted and selected an exceptional network of providers that are available for support and consultation specifically for Adams Hub clients.  Our Service Providers will also regularly make themselves available for “office hours” where entrepreneurs can receive initial advice at no to little cost, as well as Adams Hub preferred pricing for ongoing relationships.  Our Service Providers cover the following business needs:

  • Human Resources – HR specialists can walk your start-up through the requirements and legal recommendations for recruiting, hiring and managing employees.
  • Accounting – CPA’s with a knowledge of start-up needs can answer the complex, and highly regulated world of finance for your start-up.
  • Banking – Our preferred lending partners can all provide the financial advice and guidance needed to give your start-up a financial edge.
  • Insurance – Our insurance partners will make sure you are covered where you need to be to protect you and your business.
  • Legal – leading law firms provide startups affordable options from setting up their company to protecting your intellectual property.
  • Marketing/PR – Brand development, web site design, logo creation and press releases are all key services provided by our marketing & PR partners.
  • Technical Services – From programmers, to database specialist and IT professionals, our technical partners can help start-ups navigate the software, hardware and technical services needs of a start-up.
  • Patents – Our patent researchers, writers, and legal providers can help search for, create and apply for patents to protect your intellectual property.